Latest Issue: Volume 5 (2020)

Volume 5 of the Japanese Political Science Review features two articles on Japanese politics. Seven manuscripts were submitted for review, of which these two were accepted for publication following a rigorous peer-review process. Both articles shed light on important and hitherto underexamined questions in Japanese politics. The article by Toyofuku explores the political origins of Japan’s spousal tax exemption system, which has often been viewed as incentivizing Japanese women to limit their working hours. The article by Koo examines the political conditions under which conservative Japanese movements such as the Nippon Kaigi mobilize large-scale events.

The Japanese Political Science Review will be suspended after this issue. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this journal over ten years and five volumes, including authors, referees, Mr. David White for his highly professional copyediting and typesetting services, and Kokusai Bunkensha for their capable support.

Kaoru Iokibe, University of Tokyo
Editorial Board:
Masahisa Endo, Waseda University
Rieko Kage, University of Tokyo
Hidekuni Washida, Toyo University

Table of Contents

Political Parties’ Attitudes toward Policies for Women in Japan: An Analysis Focused on the Tax System from the 1960s to 2010s

DOI: 10.15545/5.1

A Configurative Approach to Conservative Mobilization in Japan: The Effect of Combining Political Opportunities and Threats
Yoojin KOO

DOI: 10.15545/5.27