About the Journal

About the Journal

Japanese Political Science Review (JPSR) is an online journal that showcases political science’s premier research on all subfields of the discipline. As it is an official journal of the Japanese Political Science Association (JPSA), it welcomes original and cutting-edge contributions from JPSR members, as well as members of other political science associations with ties to the JPSA.

The first volume of the JPSR was published in 2012 under the title of Governmental Changes and Party Political Dynamics in Korea and Japan (ISBN 978-4-8332-2457-4). The JPSR became an online journal from the second volume, which was published in 2014. Thereafter, a new volume is published every two years.

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April 10, 2020

JPSR: No longer accepting new submissions

JPSR Editor-in-Chief, Kaoru Iokibe

Effective immediately, the Japanese Political Science Review will no longer accept new manuscript submissions.
Members of the Japanese Political Science Association who wish to publish English-language articles may consider submitting their manuscripts to the Nenpo Seijigaku.