If a member wishes to withdraw his/her membership, they shall notify the secretariat of the association (as mentioned below) by mail, fax, or e-mail. There is no specific withdrawal application form required. Please specify your: (1) name, (2) affiliation, (3) reasons for withdrawal, and (4) preferred date of withdrawal (which cannot be before the date of the notification).

Upon receipt of your notification, we will confirm the status of your membership fee payments. We will inform you of the approval of your withdrawal if your fees for the fiscal year in which you applied for withdrawal have been paid in full. If there are any outstanding fees, your withdrawal cannot be approved until payment is completed. Please note that if you wish to withdraw in the middle of the fiscal year, we will stop sending our bulletin and annual report but will not be able to refund your membership fee or refund it in installments.

Our association does not have a recess system for reasons of studying abroad, childbirth, childcare, or any other matters. According to Article 8 of the Rules of the Japanese Political Science Association, those members who have not completed fee payments for two fiscal years as of April 1 every year shall be considered as withdrawing members. Please note that our association does not send any notice regarding loss of membership status. If you wish to rejoin as a member, please complete your membership fee payment for the outstanding period and follow the same procedures as a new member (signatures of two recommending members are also required).

For those who have reached the age of 65, please consider changing your classification to either life member or senior member, whichever you prefer. Please contact the secretariat for more details.

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