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2013 Conference Call for Papers
National Examinations for Civil Servants, Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Diplomats, Policemen, Public Sector Engineers and Technicians
Ministry of Examination
October 11-12, 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

The Ministry of Examination established in 1948 is the principal administrative authority to conduct civil service examinations and certification examinations for professionals and technical personnel in Taiwan, Republic of China.
The conference is a two-day conference which aims to provide a global platform for academic and professional discussions on the national examinations for civil servants, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, diplomats, policemen, public sector engineers and technicians. Ministry of Examination will pay for the airline tickets (economic class, round trip) and hotel accommodation (3 nights).

Major topics for the conference include (but not limited to):
 National examinations for civil servants, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, diplomats, policemen, public sector engineers and technician in different countries
 Requirements for taking national examinations: education, work experience, certificates, etc.
 Test methods for screening qualified candidates: written exam, oral exam, interview, etc.
 Evaluation criteria: benchmark, standard, or yardstick against which performance of an individual is measured
 Design, procedure, and structure of oral exams or physical tests

Preliminary program:
Each day has two sessions, morning and afternoon. Each session will have authors present papers and other 3 or 4 discussants to discuss the papers presented.

Paper submission:
 Authors who wish to present their papers at the conference should submit electronically a paper in English or other languages by April 30th, 2013 to Ms. Caroline Liu, Ministry of Examination
tel: + 886 2 22369188 # 3334
fax: + 886 2 22363672
 Full papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (*.doc). PDF files will not be accepted. The submitted paper (not exceeding 20,000 words, Times New Roman font, size 12) should include cover page, abstract (not exceeding 300 words) with keywords (no more than 5 keywords), main text, figure and tables(if any) and references (APA style).
 Cover page should provide paper title, information of all the authors (full name, affiliation, professional title, telephone number, fax number, and email address).