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Overview: JPSA Membership Application Process


  • Download an application form (.pdf file or .doc file).
  • Fill in the application form and send it to the JPSA Office by postal delivery.
    1. a) Note that each new application requires the signature of two JPSA members;
    2. b) See “Guide to JPSA Fields of Specialization” to identify the appropriate reference numbers for your fields of specialization;
    3. c) Student Membership is available to the following: MA or PhD students (not including JSPS Research Fellows);
  • If the application form is incomplete, the JPSA Office will contact the applicant. Please allow time for corrections or requests for clarification of application details.
  • Please submit the application form at least two full weeks before a scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors, whereat new memberships will be discussed / confirmed, as appropriate.

Scheduled Board Meetings

The JPSA Board of Directors considers new memberships four times a year, in principle, in June, October, December and March.

Membership Fee

¥10,000 standard membership
¥5,000 student membership

Payment Process

Those approved for membership will receive a letter confirming their acceptance, as well as a 〈bank transfer/furikomi〉 form requesting payment of fees for the first year.

Membership Period

Membership will be in effect, following approval of the Board.
→The membership of those approved at the March Board Meeting will commence from the following fiscal year, beginning on April 2nd.

Mailing Address

Japanese Political Science Association,
c/o Faculty of Law, Kobe University
2-1 Rokkodai-cho, Nada, Kobe, Hyogo


(Note : change ● to @ when typing in address.)