欧州評議会(*)による第2回「世界民主主義フォーラム(World Forum for Democracy)」が以下の概要で開催されます。世界的著名人の他、ヨーロッパ、南北アメリカ、アフリカ、オセアニアなどから多彩なラボが主催される見込みです。日本からの参加もお待ちしております。



・担当:Ms. Irena GUIDIKOVA(英語/フランス語)
+33 3 88 41 32 19

The 2013 World Forum for Democracy
"Rewiring democracy ? connecting citizens and institutions in the digital age"
It will provide a platform for emerging leaders and grassroots initiatives
that foster participation and re-connect citizens and democratic
institutions. Participants from the world of politics, academia, civil
society, business, media and social networks will critically review these
innovative initiatives, assess their mainstreaming potential, inject new
ideas into them, and identify the most promising ones for further promotion
and dissemination. Participants, as well as the "global community" (via
social networks and internet voting) will select the most promising
initiatives, that will receive the Council of Europe recognition for
democratic innovation.
The Forum will work through a series of informal, creative labs, enabling a
frank and intensive debate, in an "open source" format. The content of the
Forum will be co-created by the Council of Europe and a wide range of
partners ? organisations, institutions, civic movements and groups ? who
wish to submit their ideas and practice to the Forum peer review.